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Aged & Verified Stripe Account + Transaction History + Full Information

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Get your Stripe Merchant Verified and start accepting credit card/debit card payments on your website to supercharge your sales today!

Without Company Package: If you already have a registered company and the necessary documents, this package is perfect for you.

With Company Package: If you need a complete setup, including company registration and documentation, we've got you covered.

Here's what you receive with our fully verified Stripe accounts:

Double Verification: Our Stripe accounts are DOUBLE verified, complete with all the required documents, IDs, and phone numbers—each registered under anonymous identities to ensure your privacy.

What's Included:

Verification Proof: You'll receive three screenshots as proof of ID and phone number verification, along with an active credit card payment status.

Login Credentials: Access to your Stripe account and associated Gmail account.

Shopify Store: The Stripe account comes with a Shopify store already connected for your convenience.

Gmail Recovery Email: Ensuring secure access and recovery options.

Account Operation Guide: Detailed instructions on safely operating your Stripe account.

IP Geo: Information about the IP address used for account creation.

Address Match: The address used during account setup, matching your store address.

Support: Reach out to us via Skype, phone, or email for any assistance you may need.

How It Works:

Share your shop URL with us, and ensure it has SSL installed (we can provide a dummy website if needed).

We'll handle the document and phone number verification, usually completed within 24 hours.

Once verified, your account is ready to use. This way, you get access to codes any day, anytime..

Have Questions? Explore our FAQ:

Is it Safe for International Use? Yes, with a private proxy or VPS, you can safely use your account outside the USA.

Do I Need an Existing Store? Yes, your Stripe account must be linked to a store with SSL. We can set up a dummy website if you prefer.

Do I Need SSL for My Store? If your store isn't on Shopify (which includes SSL), you'll need to purchase one or get a free SSL certificate from https://letsencrypt.org/ (coding knowledge required).

When Can I Withdraw Funds? New accounts have a default 7-day rolling period, but you can contact Stripe support after a few successful withdrawals to change it to 2-day rolling. Maintain a 20% balance for potential chargebacks when using a virtual bank account like Payoneer Global Payment. The good news is, this aged verified account withdraw within 24 hours without any delays and you can withdraw any amount of your choice as long as it on your stripe balance.

Looking for 2-7-Day Rolling Fresh Accounts? We offer them at a lower cost; contact support for details.

Interested in Stripe Accounts with Transaction History? Yes, we have those too; contact support for details.

Do I Need a Real USA Bank Account? No, you can use your prepaid bank and we'll also guide you on opening a bank account that works seamlessly with your Stripe account, even if you're outside the USA.

How Long Have We Been Using These Accounts? Our team has been using Stripe accounts for over 5 years with excellent results.

Can Stripe Close My Account? Following our guidelines minimizes the risk of account closure.

Using One Stripe Account for Multiple Websites? Not recommended, as issues with one site can affect others and result in an account ban.

Selling Illegal Products or Services? Be cautious; Stripe has guidelines on prohibited niches. Contact us and tell us your business niche if involves gambling, and other activities, we got you covered.

Refund Policy: Once you receive account login credentials and verification screenshots, refunds are not available under any circumstances.

Ready to enhance your online payment capabilities and grow your business? Purchase your Stripe Merchant Verified account now! Place an order now and get your account immediately.

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